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Tasmanian Government

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The Tasmanian Government Jobs website is the search engine for all Jobs within the Tasmanian State Service.

There are three recruitment systems used to accept applications, this means that you may require a different login when applying for jobs within certain agencies. Not all logins among Agencies will be the same.

If you do not currently have an account with any of our Agencies, an account will be automatically created when you start applying for a jobs.

If you have applied for a vacancy with one of our Agencies before, you can login to your account by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Department of Health / Tasmanian Health Service / Department of Communities Tasmania

Department of Education

Education implemented a new recruitment on 15 March 2021, any account created before this time is no longer available. You can create a new account by applying for an advertised DoE vacancy here or a DoE employment register here.

All other Agencies

If you try to reset your password using the Existing Applicant Login link above and you do not receive a reset password email, you are not yet an existing applicant for that system. You can create an account by applying for an advertised vacancy or an employment register.

Please note that once you sign in you will be restricted to finding roles posted to these individual recruitment systems.